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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tillman Goes to Congress

Tillman with Congressman Walter Jones
Check this out! I went to Washington D.C. to meet with Congressman Walter Jones to learn more about a new National Monument for Military Working Dogs. These amazing dogs serve in our military helping to save thousands of lives every day. My dad and I listed to Congressman Jones talk about the monument and what it means to honor dogs who have served in the military since Vietnam and every conflict or war since. Military Working Dogs also help protect US citizens by detecting bombs before they are detonated, and countless other tasks too. 

I wanted to lend my support for the Monument, so I barked at Congressman Jones in approval. He understood what I meant, and thanked me for making the trip to Washington. 

Now I'm helping to raise awareness during National Service Dog Month to get the word out. Incidentally, the National Monument will be built from private donations. Petco and Natural Balance Pet Foods are the main corporate sponsors. Then we need to get about a million dollars from private citizens through donations this month at any Petco and also by purchasing special, limited edition bags of Natural Balance Jerky Bars dog treats, All proceeds will go to fund the monument. You can buy them online or at any Petco store.


chicamom85 said...

Tillman, that is so cool and thanks for the information. I will be proud to buy some of those and also very pleased to eat them. Thanks

Loveys Sasha

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Tillman for sure you are a movie star now. You even dressed up your assistant
Benny & Lily

Sir Mac and Lady Alley said...

Another reason why we respect you and the Natural Balance Team! You all Rock! Shake a Paw Tillman.

Sir Mac and Lady Alley