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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Betty White's a Babe

Me and Norman hooked up with Betty White last night at the Petco Foundation Gala in San Diego. It was a Benefit for Betty’s favorite animal charity, Actors and Others for Animals.
Karen, Norman, Betty, Eric, me and Ron.
Check out Ron in a suit.
He looks funnier than me! BOL! 
Tillman presented a check for $5,000 from 'Who Let The Dogs Out' to Betty for Actors and Others for Animals. Betty loved it - and she loved me and Norman! That lady loves her some animals!!
She's totally digging on me right here. 
We also hung out with Fred Willard from 'Best in Show,' Doris Roberts from 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' JoAnne Worley from Laugh-In (she laughs loud!!), Loretta Switt from MASH, Ed Asner, who used to work with Betty White on 'The Mary Ryler Moore Show,' and Cindy Williams from 'Laverne and Shirley.' If you don't know those shows, each them on Hulu.com! They're all funny!

It was a super cool night with a whole bunch of dressed up animal lovers. I got TONS of neck scrunches! It was pretty awesome.

But Monday's another production day for us workin' dawgs, so I need to get my beauty sleep. We have an early call tomorrow at Universal Studios, where we're still trying to choose the most talented dog in America (not counting me, Norman, Sully and Rose, of course.) BOL!

If you have a great video of you doing something rad, super cute or funny, email it to k9casting@gmail.com. You could still be on 'Who Let The Dogs Out!'  Woof!


Ray6955/DaneRay said...

Yeehaw, Tillman!!! You deserve all that attention! And, boy, does that Eric clean up well! Woo-hoo! =;-)

I also saw you on last night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice!!! Doin' fine!!!

Look forward to TWEETING with you soon ... Sorry we had to miss the #Pawty this past Saturday -- we were feeling very ill. UGH!

Can't wait to see you this Saturday morning so we can pawty like it's raining STEAK!!! HOWL!!

Hugzzzzzzzzzzz to all ...


Two French Bulldogs said...

Betty White rocks...we love her.
We are going to post on our blog about you on March 16 cause we won your stuffie
Benny & Lily