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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is going to be a great episode, so be sure to write Saturday April 7th on your calendar and figure out what time "Who Let The Dogs Out" airs on Animal Planet at your house - or your neighbor's house!

Before I give you a sneak peak of Saturday's show, I want to congratulate Cathy Keisha, who won yesterday's #TillmanTuesday Giveaway! She's going to get a $50 Petco gift card! Woof!!
Stunning Keisha

Our #TillmanTuesday Topic was Favorite Animal Books. There were so many of them! I haven't even heard of some of them, so I have to check them out. Cathy Keisha had a few favorites: Charlotte's Web, Jenny Lind and Her Listening Cat and Homer the Blind Wonder Cat's book, Homer's Odyssey. Thanks for the recommendations Cathy - and I hope you get some of the new Natural Balance Perfect Bites kitty snacks with your Petco card. I haven't tried them (yet! BOL!), but I hear their super yummy.  ; )

Anyway, this week, we've got Betty White - who can't seem to decide between me and Eric (which happens way too much, btw...), and a bunch of awesome animal loving celebrities. We'll also meet the Snow Ball Express - a wonderful organization that helps military families who've lost a parent in action, the U.S. Marines, all kinds of military dogs - and lots more!

Set your DVR to record it if you won't be home (or up), but if you will be up, join me and all my pals on Twitter at #TillmanTV from 6a-11a PDT while we chat and watch the show together! You can ask me stuff and and I'll have some prizes to give away...
RSVP here --> twtvite.com/tillmantv8

See you on Saturday!!


Cathy Keisha said...

OMC! Whoa! Head rush! I am THRILLED! Thank you so much. Your show is pawsome and I love Betty White. Thank you! Thank you!!!

Ray6955/DaneRay said...

Congratulations Cathy Keisha!!!! Yippee!!!! Thanks, Tillman, for being such a great pal!!! @DaneRay -- RAY, CHASE & TIPPER

The Shihtzuation said...

Hi Tillman! Didn't dink I'd be able to come today but I'm hurrr (for a wittle while)! :) Paws crossed fur da skateboard still! BOL!!