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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#Tillman Tuesday Giveaway Winner!

I got a lot of cool answers to this week's #Tillman Tuesday question: How did you get yer Name??

Some of you were named after TV, movie or book characters, athletes, rock bands, songs, actors, previous loved pets, human relatives, friends, an ex-boyfriend or names people wanted to name their kids! One was named after a god and one after a goddess! Other names came from a roller coasters, a constellation and a comet. Some of you had your names already when you were adopted. One had been abused and had a bad name so they gave her a new one - Princess! 

Zoe @sherryfawkes
named after actress Zoe Saldana
Cinny @teamcockapoo
named after her cinnamon color
A lot of you got yer names cuz of how you act, look, or things you do - Monkey, Cocoa, Squeak, Gabby. One kitty just 'looks' like a Leonard. BOL! Purl had been a stray in the cold who needed a sweater, Silver's mom sold a silver necklace to pay adoption fees for her and her sister. Where you were found, favorite foods.. Some have Hawaiian or French names, and Shayna is Yiddish for 'pretty.' Newman's mom said he was the 'new man' of the house - and it stuck! Cooper is named after his dad's expensive tires, Pepper was named after a dream. Daffodil got her name cause her mom said she'd blossom in her new home. Lily's mom just liked the name.

I really liked learning about all of your names!

I used Random.org to draw the winner of the $50 Petco gift card, courtesy of my super awesome sponsor, Natural Balance Pet Foods - and the winner is... LEGEND! Yaaaayyy!!!! 

Legend is a big male American pit bull terrier who's changed a lot of peoples' minds about how pit bulls really are. His owner wanted a name that was different and that people wouldn't forget so he was named Legend. He *wasn't* named after the movie, "I Am Legend!" He was born before that movie came out. BOL!

I don't know how long Legend's been around the Internet, but he's very new to Twitter, so why don't you all follow him and make friends! @PittiePupLegend


Be sure to watch "Who Let The Dogs Out" on Animal Planet this Saturday to find out who will win the competition for America's Most Talented Dog! 

Norman the Scooter Dog and I will co-host the Viewing Pawty on Saturday on Twitter from 6am-11am PDT! Be there or be square! BOL!

Norman the Scooter Dog


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