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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Get Your Kitty on Tillman's Cool Cats Gallery on Pinterest

You know that I hang out with a bunch of very cool dogs. Norman the Scooter Dog, Sully, Rose and Wally...not to mention my surf dog buddies too. But did you know I dig cats? I have more than a few feline friends, and they've been meowing at me that is was high time I gave them some attention. So here goes.

I started a Cool Cats Gallery board on my Pinterest account. If you want your cat to be considered to be added to my Cool Cats Photo Gallery on Pinterest, then post your kitty's photo on my Facebook wall. Or, you could also just Tweet a photo of your cat to me @TillmanSkates on Twitter. Each day I'll pick a few cats lucky enough to make it to my Cool Cats Gallery. This isn't a contest or anything, and the choices of which photos I pin to the board are all mine...depending on where my paw lands. But if I think your cat looks like a Cool Cat, then your kitty's photo just might make it! So what are you waiting for? Jump out of the litter box, and post a pawtagraph to my Facebook wall!

What? You're not following me on Pinterest yet? What are you waiting for! Join in the fun!

1 comment:

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Tillman! Real Kitty Kats? BOL
Benny & Lily