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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chillin' Out at The Beach

I mentioned yesterday that I was up in Pebble Beach with my dad, Rose, Sully and the rest of the family. We had an awesome day, too. Today we're at the Spanish Bay. Earlier this morning it was a little foggy but it finally burned off and we were ready to go! Dad took this photo of me before hit the surf. I had just been barking up a storm, begging for my skim board, but he wanted to get this picture me for the blog before I got all wet n wild in the sea! Pebble Beach is such a great place to hang. I love digging in the beach sand and getting my paws all muddy. Try it sometime!

1 comment:

Two French Bulldogs said...

Perfect day to hit the beach. Where's your board?
Benny & Lily