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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An Amazing Rose Parade Today

Today was an amazing day at the Rose Parade.  This was my fifth year of riding a float in the famous Rose Parade. My pals at Natural Balance didn't set out to break any new Guinness World Records for the longest, or heaviest or biggest, but instead, they wanted to honor Military Working Dog teams. They teamed up with Petco to help fund a new National Monument to Military Working Dog teams, so the float's theme for this year was Canines with Courage and featured a floral replica of the monument.

Now that I am an honorary Marine, I thought it was best to set aside my skateboard and instead wear my uniform to help raise awareness for, and to honor the Military Working Dogs. I had the honor of being in great company--some of the coolest military working dogs who are also true heroes. These dogs have saved lives every day for Americans and our soldiers.

Check out this photo of the Natural Balance float...you can see the floral replica of a dog handler soldier and dogs that will be installed in bronze and granite on the new National Monument to Military Working Dogs.

It was a true honor for me to stand with these dogs to give them the honor and respect they deserve!

I love this photo below. At the post-parade event today, I sniffed out the bronze statues of the new monument, which were on display for the public to see. I barked a good "hello" and saluted Lucca, the brave hero who served in Afganastan and Iraq. We're standing in front of the actual bronze statues that will eventually become the full monument later this year.
 Did you see the Rose Parade? Let me know what you think!


Amber Avines said...

How did I not know you have a blog, Tillman??? You looked great in your uniform today! I almost didn't recognize you looking all official. Kudos on your fifth Rose Parade appearance!

P.S. My dogs freakin' LOVE your Training Tips treats from Natural Balance.


Two French Bulldogs said...

You look so handsome! What a tribute
Benny & Lily