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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Now, Back to Reality...TV!!!

Dad and I took some time off for good ole fashioned rest and relaxation. Having rode on the Natural Balance Rose Parade Float honoring 'Canines with Courage' I got to meet some true heroes, such as Lucca, the three legged dog who served in Iraq and Afganastan. We got along well, I didn't growl at her at all. I figure not only does she outrank me (I'm just an honorary Marine) but she served in actual combat and deserves my full woof-spect. In doggie world, we understand these things.

So after the Rose Parade I relaxed at home just being a family dog. Sleeping late, watching TV, and playing pranks on my dad. I've kept in shape with regular exercise but I confess I've been snacking on those Natural Balance Jerky Treats that honor Military Working Dogs (made in USA too). I like the Duck flavor best...but dad says proceeds go to help fund the National Monument to Military Working Dogs so if you see them at Petco pick up a bag or two. Pick up one for me too, I love 'em. You can find them in my online fan shop or any Petco store nationwide.

After an enjoyable few weeks off, now its back to reality....TV that is. Yep, my reality TV show Who Let the Dogs Out returns to TV on Friday February 1st on Hallmark Channel. The good folks at Hallmark Channel ordered 16 new episodes of Who Let the Dogs Out, and here is the really great news: if you missed any of the first season, they will also be re-presenting the entire season one as well. I'm not a math genius but that's 26 episodes of me on TV. Woo Hoo!
Here's what you can do: Set your DVR to record Hallmark Channel so it records the entire season for you. PS- It is a family-friendly program so its a kid safe option as after school TV entertainment.
 Let's get back to reality...TV.  The first episode is all about military working dogs the incredible Natural Balance Pet Foods Rose Parade Float, so you don't want to miss it.

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