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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TIllman Tuesday Blog Hop Giveaway! Woof!!

Start writing your blog post about your pet's special talents (??) for our first #TillmanTuesday blog hop!!

Every Tuesday, here at TillmanSkates.com, we'll be asking pets to link their blog posts about their talented pets to our blog hop. Each week, a randomly chosen blog will win a *30 pound bag* of Natural Balance Pet Food (what I eat!) and a case of Tillman's Treats - *AND* they'll get to choose a shelter or rescue who'll get *1000 POUNDS* of Natural Balance pet food!!
Bloggers from anywhere can participate in the blog hop, but the prizes and donations must be sent to US or Canadian addresses - AND donations will be made to NO KILL SHELTERS ONLY.

We have all sorts of other stuff planned to go along with my new Animal Planet Saturday morning TV series, "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT," (premiering Feb.18th) so be sure to follow me @tillmanskates on Twitter and on Facebook - and follow Natural Balance on Facebook, too.  ; )

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So go write about your talented pets - whatever 'talents' they may have  ; ) or whatever else you'd like to share about your furry friends! Then come back here with the link to your page and join the blog hop by clicking on the link below. 

Check out everyone else's blogs too! It's a blog hop! Woof!!

Terms & Conditions before joining the Blog Hop Giveaway. 

Monday, January 30, 2012


First, Happy Birthday to Norman's mom Karen!!
Check out the Scooter Dog cake! BOL!

Thanks everyone who came out yesterday to the "Who Let The Dogs Out" casting call. About seventy dogs auditioned for my new Animal Planet showat the Fiesta Floats warehouse in L.A., where we got to see all their floats from this year's Rose Parade! Good times! Cool dawgs! Woof!!

Cokie the Cat's mom with me, Sully, Rose and Ron
Cheeseburger the Tetherball King
Gaby Garland
The dog what got stuck!
(He's OK, but he was stuck for a while. BOL!)
Lilo & Ash
Judges: Eric Pressnall, Norman's mom Karen, Norman,
Wally's mom Lexi, and Ron (Davis) (my Dad)
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If you think YOU'RE The Most Talented Dog In America, 
email a video to k9casting@gmail.com!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Come hang out with me & some uber talented dogs 
in L.A. this Sunday! 

All dogs with special talents are welcome to audition.
(Click the poster below for more info.)

In fact, dog or no dog, everyone is welcome to come, watch, and cheer on your favorites!  
It will be super fun - You can meet ME  ; ) 
And maybe even be on TV! 

We're filming the auditions for my new Animal Planet show,