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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

#Tillman Tuesday Giveaway & You Don't Need a Blog!

OK. I get it.
A lot of you guys don't have blogs.
Not even dog blogs.

So this is what we're gonna do...

GIVEAWAY: Petco Gift Coupons for 30 Pounds of Natural Balance Pet Food & a Case of Tillman's Treats (Everybody loves them. I don't think there's a dog that doesn't love them. I'm pretty sure.)

AND you get to choose a No Kill Animal Shelter or Rescue to receive 1000 POUNDS of Natural Balance Pet Food!

Giveaway is open to everyone over 18, except where prohibited, with the proviso that coupons and food can only be shipped within the continental US. If you live elsewhere,  you're welcome to enter, and if you win, you can donate the prizes to a US friend and shelter/rescue & be a hero! BOL!

Just leave a comment to this post, telling me what your favorite animal movie is - past or present - and why! Be sure to include your email address or you can include your Twitter ID - as long as follow me @TillmanSkates so I can notify you if you win.

If you do have a blog - Link it in your comment, so folks can check it out!

It's Tuesday only though! Ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time tonight, so enter now!

Good Luck!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Two great Jack Russell buds of mine are in Academy Award Nominated movies tonight!!

Check out this cool pic of Norman the Scooter Dog 
with Cosmo from "Beginners" and Uggie from "The Artist!"

Good luck guys!! Woof!!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Be sure to watch the second week of "Who Let The Dogs Out
on Animal Planet Saturday morning!

We're in New York & Philly, I meet a Baltimore Oriole names after ME, 
watch My Favorite Pup Jasmine, dog diving dogs, and more!!


Don't forget to enter the Watch & Win Sweepstakes at http://www.wholetthedogsout.tv afterward, where you can answer a trivia question about the show and possibly end up winning at free trip for two to meet ME in Hollywood, California!
Woof! Woof!! Woof!!! Woof!!!!

Wally & Lexie

AND join me on Twitter between 6am and 11am for my Viewing Pawty - Watch the show on TV and hang out with me @Tillmanskates on Twitter: #TillmanTV! I'll be talking to all my new pals - including YOU - and giving away all kinds of cool prizes. No lie.

Right..... there!

Tell your friends, tell your dawgs, cats - you'll like it too!
My kitty loves "Who Let The Dogs Out!" BOL!

via Amy Ortiz

Make sure your humans take your pic watching TV to post on my Facebook page.
Tell 'em "I want my Dog TV!" Woof!!

Later Skaters -


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tillman Tuesday Blog Hop Giveaway!!

Today's blog hop theme is... TV!!

Me Watching the Premiere of
"Who Let The Dogs Out!"

This week's Tillman Tuesday Blog Hop theme is "TV!" So write a blog post about what you like to watch on TV, post pics of you watching TV - just blog something TV related! That's easy, right??

Then link your blog up to this hop below! A random blog hopper will win 30 pounds of Natural Balance pet food and a case of Tillman's Treats to keep, AND get to choose a No Kill animal shelter or rescue where they'd like Natural Balance to donate 1000 pounds of pet food!!

(Note: Residents outside the US & Canada are free to enter the Blog Hop; however, food can only be shipped to US and Canada addresses.)

Friends for Life Animal Rescue in Gilbert, Arizona! My Favorite Pup Jasmine won last week's blog hop, and she chose 'Friends for Life' to get a 1000 pound pet food donation!

Jasmine and Grandma

So Link Up & Good Luck!

Please read Terms & Conditions.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Dogs Are Out!! BOL!


My new reality show WHO LET THE DOG OUT premiered Saturday, February 18th, on Animal Planet! Those of you who entered the WATCH & WIN Sweepstakes could win a trip for two to HOLLYWOOD to meet ME! You'll have more chances, too - just click on WATCH & WIN at www.wholetthedogsout.tv after the show every week, and all correct responses to each week's trivia question will be entered to win the Grand Prize Trip to Hollywood!! (You've got until Sunday at midnight each week!)

Me (@TillmanSkates) and a bunch of my new best friends (BOL!!) were on Twitter from 6am to 11am Pacific time, hanging out and watchin' the show. It was awesome! And we're doin' it again next Saturday, so be sure to make somebody write it on a calendar!!

I gave away a whole bunch of prizes, too, including a TILLMAN SKATEBOARD that @presleywnrchamp won!! That's what I'm talkin' bout!! Woof!! (You can buy one here, if you want...)
@presleywnrchamp won the skateboard this week!
Maybe you'll be the lucky dog next Saturday! Woof!!
@BorisKitty & @2frenchbullys Won a Tillman Toy & @Shaynacat and @Ollie_Gervaise Won a Rose Toy!
@noriangirl, @kaitokamui, @theshitzuation, @tigerboythecat, 
@harzich & @spookyshorty Won Show T-Shirts
@mom4everever, @cdmtx65, @griswald60 & @sheryfawkes Won Tillman's Treats
@Tildatoo & @mom4everever Won a Show Poster Autographed by the Cast!

It was rad!!

Be sure to check your local listings for next Saturday morning, 'cause the air times are different for different time zones, cable providers, for HD, etc. It should be sometime between 7am and 11am, depending on where you are!

Tell your friends. Tell your humans. 
See you on Saturday!! WOOF!!

Friday, February 17, 2012



Saturday, February 18th, is the premiere of my brand new Animal Planet reality show, "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!" Watch us as we scour the country looking for the most talented dog in America!! And you could win a trip for two to HOLLYWOOD to meet ME, if you watch all 10 episodes!

I'll be on Twitter as @TillmanSkates from 6am to 11am Pacific time, hanging with my fans and my pals and watching the show. Information on the Twitter #TillmanTV Viewing Pawty is HERE.

I've got a room full of prizes to give away tomorrow, too - 
RON! THOSE T-SHIRTS ARE PRIZES! Wear something else! Sheesh! 
Who let the dogs out around here!? BOL!!

Rose & Tillman Dog Toy Prizes
Show T-Shirts
Tillman's Treats
Show Posters: Autographed by the Cast!

Anyway, please watch! 
Check your local listings, but I think WHO LET THE DOGS OUT is on at 10am on the East coast, at 9am Mountain time and at 10am here on the West coast. That could be different depending on your provider though, so don't hold me to it!

Please tell your friends! We want everyone to see these incredible dogs!
See you in the morning!! WOOF!!

Ron & Me at Home Today...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Watch My New Animal Planet Show Promo!!

Check out the Animal Planet promo for my new reality show!
Who Let The Dogs Out premieres this Saturday morning!
Check your local listings for times.

I'll be on Twitter @tillmanskates #TillmanTV talking to all my fans 
from 6am - 11am Pacific Time on Saturday February 18th!

I'll be giving out prizes too!

And watch carefully, cause there will be a trivia question posted

You can win prizes every week, and if you enter EVERY WEEK,
you might win our GRAND PRIZE:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Blog Hop Giveaway!



And congratulations to Camano Animal Shelter. Tiny Pearl Cat was the winner of last week's blog hop drawing and chose the No Kill Camano Animal Shelter on Camano Island, Washington, as the recipient of 1000 pounds of Natural Balance pet food!

Now it's your turn! Link your Valentine's Day themed blog post below and join my blog hop! You might win 30 pounds of Natural Balance pet food, a case of Tillman's Treats, and get to choose the No Kill animal shelter or rescue where you'd like Natural Balance to donate 1000 pounds of pet food!!

Good Luck!
LOVE, Tillman

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day Blog Hop!

Tomorrow's blog hop theme will be "Valentine's Day" - pretty appropriate, right? BOL!

OK, so here's the deal:

You post something about Valentine's Day or love or kisses - you get the idea - on your blog. Copy the URL of that blog post, then come back here Tuesday, Feb. 14th, & join the hop with the form that will be linked at the bottom of my Valentine's Day Blog Hop post.

One random blogger will win 30lbs of Natural Balance pet food & a case of Tillman's Treats. They'll also have the opportunity to choose a No Kill shelter or rescue to receive a real Valentine's treat: 1000lbs of Natural Balance Pet Food!

So start writing your blog post, post love-y pics, whatever - and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

And don't forget to RSVP for my Animal Planet "Who Let The Dogs Out" Twitter viewing pawty on Saturday morning! Woof!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today's Auditions!

I was feeling sort of spent today, so they sent me to the spa (not kidding!) But I've been skyping with Sully & Rose, & they've been messaging me pics on my iBone. Cokie the Cat's mom & his stand-in were there today, too & Cokes emailed me some pics.

Remember, if you have any kind of special talent or tricks, email a video to k9casting@gmail.com & you just might end up on the road with me & my pals, sponsored by Natural Balance!! There are worse ways to make a living. BOL!! Woof!!

Here's Sully & Rose with The Great Balloon Pop!
I can't believe I missed this!

All Gone!?? 
Karen, Cokie the Cat's stand-in
& Norman the Scooter Dog
Lexie, Wally & Eric
I  used to be that cute.  : |

One of the contestants: Mr. Jack
Do your thang Mr. Jack!! Woof!

Billy & Brownie exited to give it up!

Mr. Big ready to strut his stuff

Watch WHO LET THE DOG OUT premiering Feb. 18th!
10:00 AM Eastern & Pacific, 9:00 AM Central

Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday L.A. Audition! Feb 11!

Another opportunity to audition in L.A!

All dogs - or even cats - with special talents or cute tricks are welcome to audition in our search for the Most Talented Dog in America!

We're filming the auditions for my new Animal Planet show 

"Who Let the Dog's Out" on Saturday, February 11th, 2012, 
at the Granada Village Petco in the north San Fernando Valley.
If you're not so talented but you can bark, come 
watch & cheer on your favorites! It will be super fun and you could be on TV! 

(Click the poster below for more info & to RSVP)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 2: TillmanTV Blog Hop Giveaway WINNER!

Congratulations @tinypearlcat for being chosen as the winner of my #TillmanTV Tuesday Blog Hop!

She was randomly drawn (by www.random.org) after entering yesterday's blog hop, with the topic being her favorite sport.

Here's the super cool video she posted on her blog - with her playing combination volleyball & fetch with a bottle cap! That's what she said! BOL!

Now, can you do that on a float!? BOL!

Pearl Cat won 30 pounds of Natural Balance Cat Food, a Case of Tillman's Treats (for her dog friends) and now she gets to choose the No Kill animal shelter or rescue where she'd like Natural Balance to donate 1000 pounds of pet food!!

DM me on Twitter, Pearl! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 2: TillmanTV Blog Hop Giveaway!


Time to blog about your pet's favorite sport for our 2nd #TillmanTV 24 hour Blog hop!!

Every Tuesday, here at TillmanSkates.com, we're asking pets to link their blog posts about their talented pets to our blog hop. Each week, a randomly chosen blog will win a *30 pound bag* of Natural Balance Pet Food (what I eat!) and a case of Tillman's Treats - *AND* they'll get to choose a shelter or rescue who'll get *1000 POUNDS* of Natural Balance pet food!!

Bloggers from anywhere can participate in the blog hop, but the prizes and donations must be sent to US or Canadian addresses - AND donations will be made to NO KILL SHELTERS ONLY.

We have all sorts of other stuff planned to go along with my new Animal Planet Saturday morning TV series, "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT," (premiering Feb.18th) so be sure to follow me @tillmanskates on Twitter and on Facebook - and follow Natural Balance on Facebook, too.  ; )  

So TODAY - blog about your pet's favorite sport - then come back here with the link to your page and join the blog hop by clicking on the link below. Check out all the other entries, too! Make some new friends!

Blog Hop open from 12:00am PST Feb. 7, 2012 until 11:59pm PST Feb. 7, 2012. Read Terms & Conditions before joining the Blog Hop Giveaway. 

P.S. Natural Balance is *also* donating one meal to a shelter for every new Like on my Facebook Page!  Woof!!