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Friday, March 30, 2012

March 31st on WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!

Have you RSVP'd for this Saturday's "Who Let The Dogs Out" Viewing Pawty on Twitter yet?? Do it here: RSVP. You could win a stuffed Tillman dog toy just for RSVP'ing!

My Twitter Viewing Pawties are like Las Vegas but you don't have to bet any money!

As always, I'll be on Twitter 6-11am PDT to chat with my pals and my fans while we watch "Who Let The Dogs Out" on Animal Planet - and yes, I'll have PRIZES.  ; )

If you've received your prizes from past Viewing Pawties, please post pics of you with your loot on my Facebook page! (Don't furget, Natural Balance donates a meal to a shelter pet for every new Facebook 'like' I get!)

This week we'll be in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, where we'll see the world famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre. Then Eric and Karen take Norman the Scooter Dog to Gregory Popovich's home where he rescues pets from shelters and trains them to be in the show! Wait till you see this! Or watch a sneak preview below!!

We also meet Cosmo and Uggie and their trainers, we go to an animal rescue, we learn about Petco's "Think Adoption First"...

Me & Sully meet a kitty up for adoption. RON!!???

and then there was this...
I hope what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

See you on Saturday!!


Thursday, March 29, 2012


Me and Ron went to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, on Sunday 3/25 for the Auto Club 400 NASCAR race!

Greg Biffle, Me & Ron

We hung out with my NBB (New Best Bro) Greg Biffle #16! We watched his pit crew team working on his car in the garage, and in the pits, too. We went to the Driver meeting (did you know they have Driver meetings?) and heard the Race Officials give directions to the drives and pit crews.

I was an Honorary Official at the pre-race ceremony and went up on stage with Greg Biffle!

Then I got to skate ON the AutoClub Speedway TRACK before the race started!! 
I know... Right!??

This is the skateboard Biffle souped up for me!
Check it!!

I was on ESPN and FoxSports! Uh huh.
Give it to me! Give it to me!
I got this!
Skatin' on the Speedway!
I think Ron's trying to head me off!

I wanted to bring "the luck of the dog" to Greg, and I think I did, cuz he finished in the top 10 (#6) in the Sunday race!

I also got a whole slew of new Facebook and Twitter followers - NASCAR fans who like fast cars and fast dogs! BOL! So welcome, you new guys - and ladies...   ; )

I hope you'll follow me on this blog, and on Facebook and Twitter, too, to keep up with all my exploits and appearances. I have my own reality show called "Who Let The Dogs Out" on Animal Planet every Saturday morning through April 21st - and I host a Twitter Viewing Pawty Saturdays from 6am to 11am PDT, where I hang out and tweet with my buds and give away prizes.

You can learn more about the Twitter Viewing Pawties here - where you'll be entered to win a stuffed Tillman dog toy just for RSVP'ing.

See ya on Saturday!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tillman Tuesday Winner & Viva Las Vegas!

This week's Tillman Tuesday question was 'Who's your favorite animal TV character?' We got lotsa fun answers! Mine's Max from Jack & the Fat Man, who was played by my great great grandpa Buford!
William Conrad & Buford

Some other faves were:

Gentle Ben,  Flipper, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Me, Sully, Rose, Wally & Norman from Who Let the Dogs Out (BOL!), Happy from 7th Heaven, Arnold the pig from Green Acres, Seabiscuit, Diefenbaker from the Canadian series Due South, Flash the bassett hound from Dukes of Hazard, Trigger, Eddie from Frasier, the dog in Once Upon a Time, the cat on Early Edition, Mr. Ed, Comet from Full House, Salem from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, Scooby Doo, Digby from Pushing Daisies, Perry the Platypus, London the German shepherd from the Canadian show The Littlest Hobo, Wolf on Dr. Quinn, Buster the beagle from the Wonder Years, Wishbone, Ladadog from Please Don't Eat The Daisies, My Friend Flicka, Murray from Mad About You, Tramp from My Three Sons, Brownie Wiseman, Spot the Dragon who lived under the stairs in The Munsters, Stella from Modern Family, and the snake that Jake the Snake Roberts would come out with on WWF. Woof!!

Who knew there'd be SO MANY!??  WOW!


The randomly chosen winner of the $50 Petco gift card and the Tillman & Rose toys is a super cool blind kitty named Christopher (@chrisgroove1)! His fave was the Data's cat Spot on Star Trek! BOL!

Be sure to swing by next Tillman Tuesday for another Giveaway - and if you haven't already, RSVP for this Saturday's "Who Let The Dogs Out" Viewing Pawty on Twitter here: RSVP. I'll be on Twitter to talk with you guys and give out prizes while we watch this week's episode on Animal Planet.

Don't miss our Vegas episode, where Norman showing his stuff to movie star dogs Uggie and Cosmo and their trainers, you see which of us bullys excels on an agility course - and somebody gets hitched in a Vegas wedding chapel!! BOL!

Norman, Uggie and Cosmo!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tillman Tuesday Giveaway ~ & My Great Great Grandpa!

It's Tillman Tuesday again - time for another Giveaway!

This week, one of you guys will win a $50 Petco gift card and a "Who Let the Dogs Out" T-Shirt!

I'm thinking this week it would be fun this week to talk about your favorite television animals...

Did you know my great, great grandpa was an actor? It's true! He was Buford, the English Bulldog who played "Max" on the TV show "Jake and the Fat Man," starring William Conrad. Actually, I'm not sure how many greats go in there, but we're definitely related! 

Great Great (Great?) Grandpa Buford!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment to this post, telling me your all time favorite TV animal character. Be sure to include your email address or your Twitter ID. That's it! The giveaway ends at 11:59pm PDT tonight night. (18 & over, void where prohibited.)

And don't forget to watch "Who Let The Dogs Out" on Animal Planet this Saturday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 5 Twitter Viewing Pawty & #TillmanTues Winner!

Congratz Trish B and Lumpy for winning my #Tillman Tuesday Giveaway! We'll have another one next week, so keep coming back, everybody!


Meanwhile, Saturday is Episode #5 of "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" and my 5th Twitter Viewing Pawty! I'm on Twitter Saturday mornings from 6-11am PDT, hanging with my pals, talking with my fans, watching the show in all the different US time zones, and giving away prizes.

Check your local listings for when "Who Let The Dogs Out" is on Animal Planet  Saturday morning in your area.

Me at last week's Twitter Viewing Pawty giving away prizes! BOL!

Go on Twitter (or TweetGrid or Hootsuite or Tweetdeck) and use the hashtag #TillmanTV. I'll be there as @Tillmanskates.

Click here for the Twtvite and more info. See you on Saturday!! Woof!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#TillmanTuesday Giveaway!

Yep, T is for Tillman and for Tuesday, too! That makes this another #TillmanTuesday Giveaway!

Today's Giveaway is a $50 PETCO gift card! Prize includes two coupons, each good for a 10 pound bag of Natural Balance Pet Food!

To enter the Giveaway, leave a comment below about something at www.Wholetthedogsout.tv.
For a bonus entry, tweet to your friends to watch #WHOLETTHEDOGSOUT Saturdays on @animalplanet! (leave a separate comment that you tweeted about show)

Be sure to leave your email address or Twitter ID to enter the Giveaway!
(Please also follow this blog in the right sidebar, if you can...)

Note: Residents must be 18 or older. Void where prohibited.

Good Luck!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today's Show & Twitter Viewing Pawty!!

It's Saturday, March 17th, 2012, and today Animal Planet is airing the fifth episode of my reality show, "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!" We're searching America for the country's most talented dog! And you could win a trip for two to HOLLYWOOD to meet ME (or other prizes) by entering the "Watch and Win Sweepstakes" at www.wholetthedogsout.tv after the show!

I'm hosting my weekly Saturday morning Twitter Viewing Pawty again today from 6am to 11am Pacific Daylight Time, chatting with my fans and watching the show. Oh yeah, and giving out PRIZES!! Follow me as @TillmanSkates and follow Twitter hashtag #TillmanTV to be part of the pawty! And wear something green! It's St. Patrick's Day!


My signature skateboard
Show T-Shirts
Rose & Tillman Dog Toy Prizes
Tillman's Treats

Check your local listings for the time WHO LET THE DOGS OUT is on Animal Planet on Saturday morning with your provider, in your time zone - and hang with me on Twitter the rest of the morning!

See ya!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

#Tillman Tuesday Winner!

OMD! Check out the winner of my #Tillman Tuesday Giveaway! A little lady after my own heart... Twig the skateboarding Shelty! She skateboards and skimboards - even down stairs, like me! I think I'm in love.

Twig Skates's comment to Tuesday's blog giveaway was chosen by www.random.org, so she and her BFF Chili will be getting an awesome prize package from Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods - shipped right to their door in Florida.

Dang. She lives all the way across the country! Dick? Jimmy? Can we go back to Florida??

Twig won 2 coupons good for up to a 28 pound bag of Natural Balance pet food each, a case of Tillman's Treats and a set of Tillman and Rose plush toys!

Congratulations Twig! And hey girl ~ You need to send a video like this one of you doing your best stuff to k9casting at gmail.com, so you can get on my Animal Planet TV show, "Who Let The Dogs Out!" Not even kidding!

Please come by and hang with me at my Twitter Viewing Pawties for "Who Let the Dogs Out" every Saturday morning for the next five weeks! Just follow me on Twitter @Tillmanskates #TillmanTV between 6am and 11am PDT. You can totally get in some skimboarding in by then on Florida time!

I'll be watching my show with my fans and giving away prizes and all kinds of fun stuff. We're featuring a bunch of Mountain Mutts this week: Search and Rescue Dogs, Squaw Dogs, a snowmobiling dog - and you Rose fans will get to see her snowboarding! She sure loves to snowboard!
My shadow. BOL!
 I sure hope you'll drop by! Woof! See you Saturday, dawgs and gals!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I love Tuesdays! 

Today's Prize Package will include two Natural Balance Pet Food Gift Coupons, each good for up to a 28 pound bag of the best pet food in the world (according to me!) which you can keep or give to someone you know who may need it - that's almost 50 pounds of pet food! AND a case of super tasty Tillman's Treats - AND plush Tillman and Rose toys. They do make a lovely couple. BOL!

To enter the Giveaway, leave a comment below about something on my Facebook page. 
No get extra points if you post a pet pic, but I'll love it if you do!
I want to see what you look like! 
Be sure to leave your email address or Twitter ID to enter the Giveaway! 
(Please also follow this blog in the right sidebar, if you can!)

Our Feb. 29th winner was Cheryl in Waco, Texas, and she chose to donate 1000 pounds of Natural Balance pet food* to the English Bulldog Rescue Network!

Who's that little dawg in Cheryl's Twitter avatar!?
*We're not having the #TillmanTuesday winners choose No Kill shelters for pet food donations anymore, because a lot of folks have told us they haven't been entering because they don't know who to donate the food to. Don't worry, we'll keep donating food to No Kill shelters - we always do. 

Random.org will choose one commenter to win the prize package (above). The winner will have 48 hours to respond to tomorrow's DM or email. If we don't hear from them, we'll have to choose another winner.

(Note: Residents outside the US & Canada are free to enter the Giveaway; however, food can only be shipped to US and Canada addresses. We'll ship you the Tillman and Rose toys, and you could make a friend in the US or Canada very happy!)

Good Luck!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Betty White's a Babe

Me and Norman hooked up with Betty White last night at the Petco Foundation Gala in San Diego. It was a Benefit for Betty’s favorite animal charity, Actors and Others for Animals.
Karen, Norman, Betty, Eric, me and Ron.
Check out Ron in a suit.
He looks funnier than me! BOL! 
Tillman presented a check for $5,000 from 'Who Let The Dogs Out' to Betty for Actors and Others for Animals. Betty loved it - and she loved me and Norman! That lady loves her some animals!!
She's totally digging on me right here. 
We also hung out with Fred Willard from 'Best in Show,' Doris Roberts from 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' JoAnne Worley from Laugh-In (she laughs loud!!), Loretta Switt from MASH, Ed Asner, who used to work with Betty White on 'The Mary Ryler Moore Show,' and Cindy Williams from 'Laverne and Shirley.' If you don't know those shows, each them on Hulu.com! They're all funny!

It was a super cool night with a whole bunch of dressed up animal lovers. I got TONS of neck scrunches! It was pretty awesome.

But Monday's another production day for us workin' dawgs, so I need to get my beauty sleep. We have an early call tomorrow at Universal Studios, where we're still trying to choose the most talented dog in America (not counting me, Norman, Sully and Rose, of course.) BOL!

If you have a great video of you doing something rad, super cute or funny, email it to k9casting@gmail.com. You could still be on 'Who Let The Dogs Out!'  Woof!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Guess What!?
Now YOU can buy a Tillman Skateboard for yourself or your dog!

They're on sale now online at the Tillman & Rose Fan Shop.

Custom made skateboard deck made of 100% Canadian Maple, designed and built in California. Available in sizes 7.5, 7.75 and 8.0" wide decks. Skateboards come fully assembled and ready to ride with a set of Sykamore trucks, Abec 7 bearings and white 99A wheels!

So buy yours (or one for your best friend) now...
Watch Who Let The Dogs Out on Animal Planet and join me at my Twitter Viewing Pawties Saturdays between 6 and 11am Pacific Time for your chance to win one! I'm on Twitter giving away prizes every Saturday morning at hashtag #TillmanTV. Follow me @Tillmanskates!

See you on Saturday!!
Woof! Woof!Woof!Woof!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

#TillmanTues Winner & This Week's Show!

Congrats to Michelle, a horse lover with four cocker spaniels, who won my #TillmanTuesday GiveAway! She'll get a Petco coupon for 30 pounds of Natural Balance Dog or Cat Food, a case of Tillman's Treats, and she gets to choose a No Kill animal shelter or rescue to receive a 1000 lb Natural Balance pet food donation!  Woof Yeah!!

Michelle's awesome horse!

Next week's #TillmanTues GiveAway will be a little different, so stay tuned for more info on that.

Meanwhile, this Saturday, me and Who Let The Dogs Out meet Ricochet, an awesome girl dog who helps quadriplegics surf! Then we have coverage of the building of this year's Natural Balance Rose Parade float with its 80' wave machine and me and my buds surfing In The Parade! And More!!

Be sure to check your local listings for Who Let The Dogs Out this Saturday morning on Animal Planet and join our me for our live Twitter Viewing Pawty Saturday from 6am - 11am PST.

I'll have prizes and be talkin to fans and friends, and it will be super cool. Just got to Twitter and follow @tillmanskates and #TillmanTv and your golden. BOL!

Monday, March 5, 2012

#TillmanTuesday You Don't Have To Have A Blog Hop!

I was going to write this long post about different kinds of dogs
but you know what?
We're pooped.

Except for our new rescue kitty.
LBC doesn't look very sleepy. BOL!

So let's just give away some food, OK?

GIVEAWAY: Petco Gift Coupons for 30 Pounds of Natural Balance Pet Food & a Case of Tillman's Treats for you or a friend...

AND you get to choose a No Kill Animal Shelter or Rescue to receive 1000 POUNDS of Natural Balance Pet Food!

The Giveaway is open to everyone over 18, except where prohibited, but the coupons and food can only be shipped within the continental US and Canada. If you live somewhere else, you're welcome to enter, and if you win, you can donate the prizes to a US or Canadian friend and shelter/rescue.

To enter, leave me a comment to this post, telling me what your favorite breed of dog is, and why? Be sure to include your email address or your Twitter ID. That's it!

If you've got a blog, and want to write more about your favorite dog breed, that's even better! Leave us the link so we can all check it out.

This is a #TillmanTuesday Giveaway. It's starting early (Mon. night my time) this week, but still ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time Tuesday night. Don't blink or you'll miss it! And don't forget to tell your friends to watch:

Saturday mornings on Animal Planet!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Be sure to watch our super cool show tomorrow March 3, when I we go to Washington DC - and I skate in front of the White House in down the halls of Congress! I also meet a bunch of awesome military search and rescue dogs and soldiers at The Old Guard in Fort Myer in Virginia - that was rad...

Check out this preview:

Then be sure to watch "Who Let The Dogs Out" on Animal Planet on Saturday morning, and hang with me and my new Twitter buds at hashtag #TillmanTV for our Viewing Pawty from 6am-11am Pacific Time.

I've been told I'm very loose with the swag. BOL! You stand a good chance of winning a T-shirt, Tillman or Rose plush toy, Tillman's Treats, or even... a TILLMAN SKATEBOARD! You heard me! Woof!!
@Rockethechihua won a Tillman Skateboard
at last week's #TillmanTV Viewing Pawty on Twitter!

@presleywnrchmp won a Tillman Skateboard in 
the Twitter Viewing Pawty for the Premiere of
  Who Let The Dogs Out on Feb. 18th!

We've had 30 prize winners so far at my Viewing Pawties and given away 2 Tillman Skateboards!! You could be next!

OH - Almost forgot! You could even win a trip for two to Hollywood to meet ME! Just watch the show, then answer the trivia question after the show at my Who Let the Dogs Out WATCH & WIN page! All the correct entries each week will be pooled together and at the end of the show, a winner will be randomly chosen! Woof! Woof!

So get all your friends and family to watch!