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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Watch Who Let the Dogs Out All Over Again! Episodes Re-Air, Starting May 2

Hero Dog Lucca receives a special honor at Sky Ball X

I've got great news for you today! Some of you have asked when we're going to re-air your favorite episodes. The great news is that starting tomorrow, Thursday, May 2, you can catch every episode from Seasons One and Two of Who Let the Dogs Out on Hallmark Channel. 

Boot Camp is hard work!
Two episodes will run each week for next 13 weeks, airing at 1 p.m. ET/12 noon CT. Set your DVRs or watch with us live. And then join us on Twitter as we relive our adventures at our weekly Twitter party using hashtag #TillmanTV! 

This week's episodes feature our Season Two premiere, a full hour of TV honoring Military Working Dogs with episodes "Boot Camp" and "Sky Ball". You won't want to miss the story of hero dog Lucca, my boot camp training and how I became an honorary Marine! 

Catch all our action from Who Let the Dogs Out all over again on Hallmark Channel, each Thursday at 1 p.m. ET/ 12 noon CT.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From Reading Dogs in New Mexico to a NYC Dog Wedding

We're all across the country this week on Who Let the Dogs Out, with two all-new episodes this Thursday!

First, we head back down Route 66 to Albuquerque where we get to meet a service dog who I think is super cool!  This special service pup is trained to help children relax and focus on reading.

We do a little skateboarding and a TV appearance and then it's off to Northern Arizona where we explore the gigantic Meteor Crater. Wow! It's kind of like a skateboarding bowl, only way more ginormous!

Then, in our second half-hour episode we're in New York City where Lexi and Wally attend a doggie wedding at a Petco pet adoption event.

We get another history lesson when we learn some secrets about the Titanic and the story of a few of the folks who saved themselves and their dogs. I didn't know there were dogs on the Titanic.... I wonder if they had skateboards back then?!

Our regular season ends this week with lots more fun, so set your DVRs or join us on Thursday for two new episodes of Who Let the Dogs Out. Catch us at 1 p.m. Eastern/12 noon Central on April 25 on Hallmark Channel.

Join us on Twitter too by following hashtag #TillmanTV. Hope to see you this week!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back to New Orleans, on to Galveston and a New Day for WLTDO!

First, make sure you don't miss our new adventures this week when Who Let the Dogs Out moves to a new day! Catch us on Hallmark Channel this Thursday, April 18 at 1 p.m. Eastern/12 noon Central. Yep, that's the same time, just a different day but check your local listings and your DVR settings to make sure you don't miss a moment!

This week, we have a doubleheader for you with TWO new episodes!

First, we head back to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and our episode is full of festivities and stars -- besides me and Norman and the rest of our gang, of course!

We also heard a terrific story about pup and his human being reunited four years after Hurricane Katrina. Wow!

Then in the second half hour we head down the road to Galveston for a trip back into Texas western history. Wait'll you see our fun photo shoot!

After that we visit with some penguins and then Norman competes in his first bike race!

Come join the fun this Thursday for a full hour with two new episodes on Hallmark Channel! Watch with us on Twitter too by following hashtag #TillmanTV.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Dog Can Sing! Just Call Me Elvis Tillman!

Bet you didn't know I can sing, too! Yep, that's me with my back-up singers at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville this week! Wally may think he's the lead singer, but I just let him wear the t-shirt. Shhh... don't tell him!

It sure was a week filled with adventure as we first headed to Memphis for a tour of Graceland to relive Elvis' glory days! Then it was off to Sun Records where I could still feel the vibes from Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. I ain't nothing like a hound dog, but put me in some blue suede shoes and just watch this Bulldog sing! hehe!

Next, we headed down the road to Nashville where my pals and I performed at the Grand Ole Opry. And later, we learned about an amazing act from my new hero Ashley Judd, who stepped up to help one of our less fortunate dog pals in need in Nashville.

This is an action-packed week not to miss, and you can catch us all on an all new episode of Who Let The Dogs Out on Hallmark Channel on Friday, April 12 at 1 p.m. Eastern and Pacific/12 noon Central. Y'all come down and watch us and don't forget to watch with us on Twitter too by following hashtag #TillmanTV!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

My trip to New Orleans was Super

I've had a few days to relax this week, but now I'm ready for another all new episode of Who Let the Dogs Out Friday on Hallmark Channel at 1pm/12c.

See me skate in New Orleans when I went to the Super Bowl. You're gonna love tomorrow's show!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hangng with NASCAR's Greg Biffle

I love hanging out with my NASCAR pal Greg Biffle. We were raising awareness for Spay & Neuter programs across the US. Thanks to my sponsor Natural Balance Pet Foods for bringing their mobile van.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Call me 'Pawcasso'

Lots of people know I'm multi-talented. I can skateboard, skim-board, snow-board, surf, and I've even tried my paw at golf and baseball. But did you know I can paint, too? Yep, add that to my list of accomplishments. You might say I'm a regular Paw-casso! You can see me paint on today's episode of Who Let the Dogs Out, on Hallmark Channel, 1 pm/12 c. I hope you tune in.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Skating...My Way

Being a canine star of a hit TV show on Hallmark Channel has its perks. This week I got to appear on yet another TV show, Hallmark's Home and Family Show.

It was pretty cool to be invited by the big TV execs to skate on one of their morning TV programs. When I arrived, the hair, makeup and wardrobe people asked what I needed. Maybe a touch-up to dab some drool but that was it. I wasn't phased by it all, I just hopped on my skateboard and did my thing.

Here I am skating...my way for the TV show folks. It was pawsome. But you know what I'm even more excited about? My OWN TV show Who Let the Dogs Out! It is now being shown on Hallmark Channel Fridays at 11 am and again on Saturday mornings on Hallmark Movie Channel at 9 am. I hope you can watch it!

Your pal,


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My show has new air times!

Great news! My TV show Who Let the Dogs Out has a new time: 11:00 AM on Fridays on Hallmark Channel.

Plus, the entire season is being re-started Saturday mornings on Hallmark Movie Channel! n starting this Saturday March 2nd at 9:00 AM. Check local listings.

Friday's episode, see me visit the statue of Pat Tillman, the football great and American hero, for whom I am named.

Set your DVR for Friday and watch the season re-start again this Saturday too!

Excited? Me too!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm One Lucky Dog!

Talk about being a lucky dog. Wow. Being a star on a TV show like Who Let the Dogs Out has its privileges, but this week was even better.

I got to visit the famous Playboy mansion in Los Angeles for an upcoming episode of Who Let the Dogs Out. While at the mansion Hugh Hefner and his wife Crystal Hefner gave me a superstar welcome! Check out this pawsome photo of me and Mrs Crystal Hefner together. I wonder if I made Hef jealous...

This photo ran on popular websites and magazines, like US Weekly!

How much luckier could a dog like me be! Keep watching Who Let the Dogs Out on Hallmark Channel for this fun segment of me and the Hefners!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who Let The Dogs Out Viewing Party Prizes!

Hey Everybody!
Be sure to stop by and say Hey on Twitter during my 2 Viewing Parties:
Friday 10-11am PT & 1-2pm PT
Find me at Hashtag #TillmanTV
Watch Who Let The Dogs Out on the Hallmark Channel with me and my pals
and pay attention cuz I'll be giving away all kind of cool stuff!

My  Signature Skateboard!
A CASE of Natural Balance Platefulls
for the Kittehs

A CASE of Tillman's Treats
to Share with All your Pals at the Dog Park! BOL!
Tillman Prize Pack with Shampoo,
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Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sub Sandwiches & Skateboards....

Why do I have sub sandwiches on my back while riding my skateboard? Find out this Friday 1 pm/12c on Who Let the Dogs Out on Hallmark Channel. It is another all new episode, so be sure to tune in or set your DVRs to record it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spreading the Word About Spay & Neuter

Look! I'm featured on the Natural Balance  'Mobile Spay & Neuter van' to help raise awareness of this important issue for pets.

Be sure to watch Who Let the Dogs Out this Friday on Hallmark Channel for great info from our friendly resident vet, Doc Halligan.

Help me spread the word to set your DVR for this Friday's episode, especially if you like my picture on the van! Bwwwhahahaha.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Tillman Bunch

Being a famous bulldog like me, I try not to let the fame get to my head. I have lots of famous people petting me on set and in my travels. I don't usually get star struck...after all I've skated at the White House, Red Carpets in Hollywood, Major League Baseball stadiums nationwide.

One person who got me drooling in excitement was when I skated the driveway of Florence Henderson, known for being everyone's mom Mrs Carol Brady on TV's Brady Bunch show. Florence makes an appearance in today's episode of Who Let the Dogs Out on Hallmark Channel. I hope you get to see it today. Want to see a preview clip of today's first episode? Well here ya go:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

My lil sister Rose wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! Show her your love, set your DVRs to record tomorrow's episodes of Who Let the Dogs Out on Hallmark Channel. Thanks to our sponsors Natural Balance Pet Foods, Petco, Nylabone and Flexi for making the show a reality. You're gonna love this week's new episodes.

Rose and I get to surf, plus lots more. In the meantime, we hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day with your pets!

your pasl,
Tillman (& Rose too)!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I hope you got to watch "Who Let The Dogs Out" on Friday, Feb 1st & 8th. We're super excited the show is off to a great start! Tails are waggin', dogs are barking, cats are meowing, & ferrets & rabbits & guinea pigs are doing whatever those little guys do. I'm not really sure about those guys. I have to be careful cuz they look so much like toys, but I don't wanna hurt 'em!? Woof!!

Anyway, everyone loves the show & I'm so happy I could slobber! In fact I am slobbering & my butt's wiggling all over the place right now! BOL! (TMI? Sorry!)

Thanks to everyone who's watching every week, & telling yer friends to watch us, too! We'll be on The Hallmark Channel every Friday through April - & we'll keep having our Twitter Viewing Parties at hashtag #TillmanTV from 10-11am & 1-2pm Pacific Time, with fun prizes to give away.

It's my EXTREME pleasure to announce the winners of the TWO contests we've held these past 2 weeks. Each winner will receive a full registration to the 2013 BlogPaws Social Media Pet Bloggers Conference (from BlogPaws) AND 3 nights at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel in Tysons Corner, VA, where the conference is! ("Who Let The Dogs Out" is paying for their hotel rooms!)

Jen from MyBrownNewfies.com (@mybrownnewfies) won this great prize package after our season premiere on Feb. 1st, 2013. I tweeted a link to an entry form, & Jen was chosen as our winner using Random.org.

Jen from MyBrownNewfies.com

Then, this past weekend, after the "Who Let The Dogs Out" episode that featured me & my whole gang going to the 2012 BlogPaws conference in Salt Lake City, I hosted a blog hop right here on my blog, asking my fans what they liked about the show, what they liked about what they knew or learned from the show about BlogPaws, & what they'd like to learn if they went to BlogPaws.

We got 22 blog hop entries. You can read them & check out all these great pet blogs by clicking on their image links on the "Who Let The Dogs Out at BlogPaws" contest page.

The blog hop winner, also chosen by Random.org, is Jenny @pixelblueeyes - also psyched!!
Two Jennifers! What are the odds!? You can read her winning blog post at PixelBlueEyes.blogspot.com.


Congratulations you guys! I'm hoping my 'people' will work out my schedule so I can meet you at BlogPaws, too!

Meanwhile, I'll see you all back on Twitter on Fridays at #TillmanTV while we watch "Who Let The Dogs Out" on The Hallmark Channel!

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Friday, February 8, 2013

"Who Let The Dogs Out at BlogPaws" TODAY! Show, Contest, Twitter Party!!

Be sure to watch Who Let The Dogs Out today, Friday, Feb. 8 on the Hallmark Channel - and come to my Twitter Viewing Party with the hashtag #TillmanTV from 10am - 2pm PT and see all the animals and their people - including Me, Rose, Sully and Norman - who attended the pawsome BlogPaws Social Media Pet Bloggers Conference in Salt Lake City last year! 

Me and Brutus the Dane at BlogPaws!

Read below for how you could win a free registration AND hotel stay for this year's BlogPaws Conference (May 16-18, 2013)!! I know... right!??

Check your local cable provider listings between for Who Let The Dogs Out, sometime between 10am & 2pm on The Hallmark Channel. Set your DVR if you can't watch it today - you'll have all weekend to enter the contest! And tell your friends, your family, your fans! If your cable service doesn't get the Hallmark Channel, have your neighbor record it for you! Woof!!

Enter the "Who Let The Dogs Out at BlogPaws Contest" this weekend. The prize is a Full 2013 BlogPaws Social Media and Pet Bloggers Conference Registration (from BlogPaws) AND a Free Hotel Room at the Sheraton Tysons Corner, VA (from Who Let The Dogs Out!) - Approx. value:  $575.  Contest ends Sunday, Feb. 10 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Haven't heard of BlogPaws?? 
Check it out!

Here's how to enter to win!
Watch the Feb. 8th episode of "Who Let The Dogs Out" (you can record it, and watch it later, but watch it in time to write a blog post before Sunday at midnight!)

Write a "Who Let The Dogs Out" at BlogPaws post for your blog that includes these 3 things: 
  1. Tell us what you like the most about the show, in general.
  2. If you hadn't heard of BlogPaws before, tell me what you learned about BlogPaws, from the show. If you DO know about BlogPaws, tell me what you liked the most about the BlogPaws part of the episode.
  3. Tell me what you'd like to learn at BlogPaws 2013.
Publish your blog post and link up to the "Who Let The Dogs Out" at BlogPaws Blog Hop, below before 11:59pm ET Sunday night Feb. 10, 2013.

Who Let The Dogs Out

My 'people' will use Random.org to pick a winner from qualifying posts in my "Who Let The Dogs Out at BlogPaws Blog Hop below on Monday, February 11, 2013. The winner will be emailed that day. The winner has to reply via email within 48 hours to claim their prize. Must be 18 years or older. Must agree to hold harmless BlogPaws, Who Let The Dogs Out, and all associated entities from any damages related to this contest.

Please read the full rules and regulations for contests and sweepstakes before entering:
"Who Let The Dogs Out" at BlogPaws Contest Full Rules and Regulations
Good Luck!

See you at the Twitter party at 10am PT! #TillmanTV

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Calling all BlogPaws Pals & Pet Bloggers!

If you *love* to blog about your pet, or maybe your pet writes a blog, then you are going to want to watch my TV show this Friday. You see,  last summer, I went to Blog Paws and had the best time meeting some of the coolest pet bloggers out there. Well, the producers of my TV show filmed Blog Paws and it is the subject of this week's episode of Who Let the Dogs Out. Still learning about blogging? Well, even better, there is plenty to learn right from bloggers themselves. Watch Who Let the Dogs Out on Hallmark Channel this Friday. Just check the local listings and set your DVR to record the show so you don't miss it. It's two back to back episodes, so catch a full hour of me and my pals. Oh- and follow along with my live viewing party on Twitter during the show. Just use hashtag #TillmanTV to follow along.

Your pal,


Friday, February 1, 2013

Today is the Premiere of Who Let the Dogs Out Season 2

Wow it's already here! The Premiere day of Who Let the Dogs Out, season 2. I hope everybody can watch the show, two back to back NEW episodes. You are going to love today episodes. Don’t forget to watch live or set your DVR to record the full hour on Hallmark Channel 1 pm/12 c but check your local listings!

Let me know how you enjoyed the show!



Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out, Season II Premieres on Hallmark Chanel Feb 1st

Lucca the military working dog being honored at SkyBall
Remember Lucca, the hero dog from the Rose Parade? You can see her THIS FRIDAY February 1st on the season premiere of Who Let the Dogs Out on Hallmark Channel.

The premiere episode is an all new hour of TV honoring Military Working Dogs. You'll get to go behind the scenes of the Rose Parade, get to meet Lucca and her history as a military working dog in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a very moving episode, so be sure to tune in.
This episode also includes the story of my Boot Camp training and how I became an honorary Marine. I traveled to Dallas for my induction, where I received my uniform "stripes".  The announcer teased me about being a little fat...FAT? Those rolls are muscles around my neck, or at least that is what I like to say.

I also got to attend SkyBall in Dallas, Texas, an event that honors all of our nation's Military service members, Veterans, and their families, including Lucca! I hope you are as excited as I am about the premiere episode of Who Let the Dogs Out. Special thanks to my sponsors at Petco who are great to work with on this show! Be sure to stop by your local Petco store and pick up some of my Tillman's Treats, or better yet, the new Natural Balance Jerky Bars with special limited edition Monument packaging. Proceeds of those go to help fund the national monument to Military Working Dogs.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pawsome Prize Packs for the Twitter Party #TillmanTV

Check out some of the pawsome prizes I'll be giving out during my Live Twitter Parties. Use hashtag #TillmanTV
T-shirt with Tillman Treats, Tillman Shampoo & trading card

T-shirt with pawtagraph photos, Tillman Treats and trading card

Vintage black T-shirt with Tillman Treats, pawtagraph photo and trading card

Who Let the Dogs Out T-Shirt with Tillman Collar (your choice on size)

Get Yer Badgers & Banners Here for Who Let the Dogs Out

In the last few days I've heard from lots of fans of Who Let the Dogs Out, asking if they can write a blog post about the show, get some video clips, etc. We will be adding more content for you at the show website.

In the meantime, if you want to use any of these banners or badges for your own blog, simply click on the image, "save as" and then post to your site. The only restriction is that you link that image back to www.WLTDO.tv

Here are the banners:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Check out Hallmark Channel, my new home on TV

Woof Woof! I'm getting really excited now, it is only a few days away! Who Let the Dogs Out returns to national television on Hallmark Channel. If you loved Who Let the Dogs Out last season you are going to love it even more this season. Here's the really pawsome news: If you missed any of last season, Hallmark Channel will be running those episodes again this year.

Check out this promo video of the show from the good folks at Hallmark Channel:

Will you watch my show? The premier is this Friday, February 1st at 1 pm, 12 pm Central. Check local listings. If you will be at work or school, be sure to set your DVR to record the show. I'll post more inside scoop on the show tomorrow, so check back!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Set Your DVRs, I'll Be Back on TV!

Tillman in his honorary Marine uniform
The countdown has begun! In just one week from today I'll be back on TV with the second season of 'Who Let the Dogs Out'.  The show is a Hallmark Channel Original Series, and will air Fridays on Hallmark Channel. Check your local listings for times, it runs mid-day, but will be repeated on weekends on Hallmark Movie Channel as well.

Who Let the Dogs Out is presented by Petco, and sponsored by Natural Balance Pet Foods, along with Flexi leads, and Nylabone products. I'm grateful to my sponsors for making the show a reality (pardon the pun). Being a famous bulldog isn't easy. I have lots of fan mail to answer, people pawing at me to pet me, and not to mention all those red carpet events I attend. My proudest moment yet, was when I became an honorary Marine, with the hope to help raise awareness of military working dogs and the new National Monument to Military Working Dog Teams. This, along with the recent Rose Parade float by Natural Balance is all included in the one-hour premiere of Who Let the Dogs Out, which starts on Friday February 1st on Hallmark Channel. Since many of you will be at work during the day on Fridays, I'm depending on your to set your DVR to record my show, so you can watch it later. Don't miss  single episode, so set it up to record every episode. Let your friends and family know to do the same, I'm hoping to get extra belly rubs if the show is a hit in the ratings! So start the countdown, I'll be back on TV starting February 1st!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Now, Back to Reality...TV!!!

Dad and I took some time off for good ole fashioned rest and relaxation. Having rode on the Natural Balance Rose Parade Float honoring 'Canines with Courage' I got to meet some true heroes, such as Lucca, the three legged dog who served in Iraq and Afganastan. We got along well, I didn't growl at her at all. I figure not only does she outrank me (I'm just an honorary Marine) but she served in actual combat and deserves my full woof-spect. In doggie world, we understand these things.

So after the Rose Parade I relaxed at home just being a family dog. Sleeping late, watching TV, and playing pranks on my dad. I've kept in shape with regular exercise but I confess I've been snacking on those Natural Balance Jerky Treats that honor Military Working Dogs (made in USA too). I like the Duck flavor best...but dad says proceeds go to help fund the National Monument to Military Working Dogs so if you see them at Petco pick up a bag or two. Pick up one for me too, I love 'em. You can find them in my online fan shop or any Petco store nationwide.

After an enjoyable few weeks off, now its back to reality....TV that is. Yep, my reality TV show Who Let the Dogs Out returns to TV on Friday February 1st on Hallmark Channel. The good folks at Hallmark Channel ordered 16 new episodes of Who Let the Dogs Out, and here is the really great news: if you missed any of the first season, they will also be re-presenting the entire season one as well. I'm not a math genius but that's 26 episodes of me on TV. Woo Hoo!
Here's what you can do: Set your DVR to record Hallmark Channel so it records the entire season for you. PS- It is a family-friendly program so its a kid safe option as after school TV entertainment.
 Let's get back to reality...TV.  The first episode is all about military working dogs the incredible Natural Balance Pet Foods Rose Parade Float, so you don't want to miss it.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Lazy Saturday with Dad

Ahhh at last a lazy Saturday. I love those days, don't you? I'm just hanging out all day with dad. We'll probably go for a ride by the beach today, with the top down, maybe cruise for chicks. Nothing I like better than to have my neck scratched. You see, lots of chicks think I'm cute, so they "ooh and awwww" over me. I smile and nudge them a little. My dad is in on it, and will say something to them like "you can pet him if you want". Then they lean down and start. Ahhhh, that's it, right there. Scratch my neck. It's a perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday, don't you think? What do you have planned with your four legged friend this weekend?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Video of Heartwarming Military Family Reunion at Natural Balance Rose Parade Float

Check out this video clip of the heartwarming reunion of the Military family at the Natural Balance Pet Foods Rose Parade float on New Year's Day:

A Military Family United at Rose Parade, thanks to Natural Balance Pet Foods

Tillman with reunited military family Rose Parade
Whew, I'm tired today! The Rose Parade yesterday was a lot of fun with lots going on. My pals at Natural Balance Pet Food really did a pawsome job making this year's Rose Parade float even more special than ever.

Hopefully you saw that amazing reunion between Army Sgt. 1st Class Eric Pazz (who is currently deployed in Afghanistan) when he was reunited with his wife, Miriam, and son, Eric Jr., at this year's Rose Parade thanks to Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. That's me in the picture with them. I'm wearing my own Honorary Marine uniform! Also in the photo is Gunnery Sgt. Christopher Willingham and Cpl. Juan Rodriguez with Lucca, a Military War Dog hero who lost her leg protecting her fellow Marines during a routine mission. Lucca is one incredible dog, a true hero. Agree? Let your friends know.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An Amazing Rose Parade Today

Today was an amazing day at the Rose Parade.  This was my fifth year of riding a float in the famous Rose Parade. My pals at Natural Balance didn't set out to break any new Guinness World Records for the longest, or heaviest or biggest, but instead, they wanted to honor Military Working Dog teams. They teamed up with Petco to help fund a new National Monument to Military Working Dog teams, so the float's theme for this year was Canines with Courage and featured a floral replica of the monument.

Now that I am an honorary Marine, I thought it was best to set aside my skateboard and instead wear my uniform to help raise awareness for, and to honor the Military Working Dogs. I had the honor of being in great company--some of the coolest military working dogs who are also true heroes. These dogs have saved lives every day for Americans and our soldiers.

Check out this photo of the Natural Balance float...you can see the floral replica of a dog handler soldier and dogs that will be installed in bronze and granite on the new National Monument to Military Working Dogs.

It was a true honor for me to stand with these dogs to give them the honor and respect they deserve!

I love this photo below. At the post-parade event today, I sniffed out the bronze statues of the new monument, which were on display for the public to see. I barked a good "hello" and saluted Lucca, the brave hero who served in Afganastan and Iraq. We're standing in front of the actual bronze statues that will eventually become the full monument later this year.
 Did you see the Rose Parade? Let me know what you think!