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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tillman Tuesday Blog Hop Giveaway!!

Today's blog hop theme is... TV!!

Me Watching the Premiere of
"Who Let The Dogs Out!"

This week's Tillman Tuesday Blog Hop theme is "TV!" So write a blog post about what you like to watch on TV, post pics of you watching TV - just blog something TV related! That's easy, right??

Then link your blog up to this hop below! A random blog hopper will win 30 pounds of Natural Balance pet food and a case of Tillman's Treats to keep, AND get to choose a No Kill animal shelter or rescue where they'd like Natural Balance to donate 1000 pounds of pet food!!

(Note: Residents outside the US & Canada are free to enter the Blog Hop; however, food can only be shipped to US and Canada addresses.)

Friends for Life Animal Rescue in Gilbert, Arizona! My Favorite Pup Jasmine won last week's blog hop, and she chose 'Friends for Life' to get a 1000 pound pet food donation!

Jasmine and Grandma

So Link Up & Good Luck!

Please read Terms & Conditions.


hazelflagg said...

Once again, Friends for Life looks like a really great cause! Happy they won!

Amy Caetta said...

My brother Charlie the Springer Spaniel loves to watch animals on TV, but what makes him really go crazy,is his favorite movie Monsters Inc.

Pandafur said...

Iz think I did teh linky thing rong, o dear

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this blog hop. Dogs Rule Cats Drool.

Tillman said...

You did it right Panda!! Woof!!


Cathy Keisha said...

OK, I'm gonna bookmark this site. I keep furgetting and I have lots of pictures watching TV.