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Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 2: TillmanTV Blog Hop Giveaway!


Time to blog about your pet's favorite sport for our 2nd #TillmanTV 24 hour Blog hop!!

Every Tuesday, here at TillmanSkates.com, we're asking pets to link their blog posts about their talented pets to our blog hop. Each week, a randomly chosen blog will win a *30 pound bag* of Natural Balance Pet Food (what I eat!) and a case of Tillman's Treats - *AND* they'll get to choose a shelter or rescue who'll get *1000 POUNDS* of Natural Balance pet food!!

Bloggers from anywhere can participate in the blog hop, but the prizes and donations must be sent to US or Canadian addresses - AND donations will be made to NO KILL SHELTERS ONLY.

We have all sorts of other stuff planned to go along with my new Animal Planet Saturday morning TV series, "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT," (premiering Feb.18th) so be sure to follow me @tillmanskates on Twitter and on Facebook - and follow Natural Balance on Facebook, too.  ; )  

So TODAY - blog about your pet's favorite sport - then come back here with the link to your page and join the blog hop by clicking on the link below. Check out all the other entries, too! Make some new friends!

Blog Hop open from 12:00am PST Feb. 7, 2012 until 11:59pm PST Feb. 7, 2012. Read Terms & Conditions before joining the Blog Hop Giveaway. 

P.S. Natural Balance is *also* donating one meal to a shelter for every new Like on my Facebook Page!  Woof!!


Ray6955/DaneRay said...

Hi. I am handicapped/disabled and a real techno-idiot. I am a follower/member of your site. I won a case of your TREATS during an earlier contest through @CokieTheCat ... I have spend about 3 hours trying to figure out how to link my Tuesday Blog on SPORTS to yours using the code you provide and the "CLICK HERE TO ENTER" the contest buttons BUT cannot get anything to work. I get major errors. HELP! My post is here ... http://ray6955.blogspot.com/ ... Thank you!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Whooooa!!!! Go Tillman. We need to get lazy to remember to do this cause we love Natural Balance ducks and potatoes
Benny & Lily

View From My Pram said...

PepiSmartDog: Oh My DOG ! I had a little bad luck when joining the blog hop. *looks sheepish* Let's just say a paw slipped and published the wrong link, then I barked at mum and she freaked out and fell on the trash key. So we had a big WOOPS !
Fortunately our third attempt is good! BOL !

View From My Pram said...

Pepi again: Tillman just letting you know #16 is @ArlieJo from Twitter. He entered inlast hour & had to hurry and I don't think his code link worked; but he's definitely entered. PHEWW !

View From My Pram said...

Pepi in a frenzy !! Only 28 mins to go and @BrodieDog trying to enter and he ca't get link to work ! He's ripping all his fur out cause it won't let him join. Can you PLEASE find a way to include @BrodieDog ??
He's to big to be seen crying....and he'd need too many tissues...*secretly passes Brodie a BIG tissue*

Connie and Arlie Jo said...

This Arlie Jo - I mite have fixed it. BTW, I a girl. *winks* It's ok, ppl always think I a boy.:)

Brodie Dog said...

Did anyone help DaneRay?? He bought my mom a bag of food once when she not afford one. She disabled too. But @DaneRay good friend!!

View From My Pram said...

@DaneRay is a great friend !! He got his link fixed; he worked it out himself. BOL ! *looking at Chase striking a pose* I did check to make sure. :=o)

kevinmaik said...

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