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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Blog Hop Giveaway!



And congratulations to Camano Animal Shelter. Tiny Pearl Cat was the winner of last week's blog hop drawing and chose the No Kill Camano Animal Shelter on Camano Island, Washington, as the recipient of 1000 pounds of Natural Balance pet food!

Now it's your turn! Link your Valentine's Day themed blog post below and join my blog hop! You might win 30 pounds of Natural Balance pet food, a case of Tillman's Treats, and get to choose the No Kill animal shelter or rescue where you'd like Natural Balance to donate 1000 pounds of pet food!!

Good Luck!
LOVE, Tillman


PamelaC said...

The photo of Rose with Balloons is adorable. I would luv the camera you're using, if I used my old 35mm to photograph my cats the price of developing would eat our food budget! That's my Valentines day wish, but that's about as possible as teaching 300,000 stray cats Parkour! Hope this is the bust'in out week for this Bloghop! My boys are never getting girlfriends, look at all that extra work Cokie's mom had to do for him, luv!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ok Tillman were in!! Rose you are a beauty
Benny & Lily

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hi, we came by from Benny & Lily's. Happy V-Day!

Anonymous said...

My dog Martha did a wonderful trick. The day after she died in my arms, she did a fly-by in the sky in the shape of a cloud. My friend and I were sitting outside, and we both thought the same thing in the same instant: hey that cloud looks like Martha! Hope you enjoy the photo posted above.

Cathy Keisha said...

Damn, I missed it! Wish I'd known sooner cos I want to help my pet shelter. Plus, I had a great Valentine post. Happy V-Day.

Pixel Blue Eyes said...

Hi Tillman! So glad to meet you. My friend Gracie Lu told me about this...very cool idea. Mommy and I are always doing stuff to make our sweet friends as comfy and happy as can be, including trying to find forever homes for them. I literally signed up for this when the linky post said 'two minutes left', BOL!
I am following your blog now. Will you follow mine too when you visit me? I will put you on my blog roll of 'Pixel Furriends'.
Lots of love from Pixel

Anonymous said...

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