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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today's Auditions!

I was feeling sort of spent today, so they sent me to the spa (not kidding!) But I've been skyping with Sully & Rose, & they've been messaging me pics on my iBone. Cokie the Cat's mom & his stand-in were there today, too & Cokes emailed me some pics.

Remember, if you have any kind of special talent or tricks, email a video to k9casting@gmail.com & you just might end up on the road with me & my pals, sponsored by Natural Balance!! There are worse ways to make a living. BOL!! Woof!!

Here's Sully & Rose with The Great Balloon Pop!
I can't believe I missed this!

All Gone!?? 
Karen, Cokie the Cat's stand-in
& Norman the Scooter Dog
Lexie, Wally & Eric
I  used to be that cute.  : |

One of the contestants: Mr. Jack
Do your thang Mr. Jack!! Woof!

Billy & Brownie exited to give it up!

Mr. Big ready to strut his stuff

Watch WHO LET THE DOG OUT premiering Feb. 18th!
10:00 AM Eastern & Pacific, 9:00 AM Central


Two French Bulldogs said...

We could ring a bell to go outside. We will send our video. Hi Mr Big
Benny & Lily

View From My Pram said...

PepiSmartDog: My 3 kitteh fur-sibs wanted me to send their video, of them (almost) catching Kangaroos (thru the window.) But how awkward would THAT be = they'd have to ALL fly to USA (from Australia), and bring Kangaroos with them, to demonstrate their weird skillz. *rolls eyes*
I have a few video's of myself strutting about in different outfits...but that might be awkward too.
I mean, I am OTRB and all... BOL !