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Friday, June 22, 2012

Blog Paws Day Two Was PAWSOME!

Norman the Scooter Dog kisses the TV anchorman!
Day Two at Blog Paws was nothing short of PAWSOME! We started the day off super early at the studios of KSL TV 5 in Salt Lake City, where Norman the Scooter Dog and I had fun with the morning crew. Norman sort of co-anchored one of the sessions, and profusely thanked his human co-host with doggie kisses. I think this photo just about explains it, don't you think? It was a fun moment to watch. I lowered my head in embarrassment for the poor anchorman, but he took it in stride!
Then it was back to the Sheraton hotel to join the Blog Paws group for breakfast and the opening Keynote address by Betsy Saul, Co-Founder of Petfinder.com, a virtual home of more than 345,000 adoptable pets from nearly 14,000 adoption groups nationwide. Her keynote address was very interesting and inspiring too. Well at least my dad seemed to like it. I was busy chewing on a rope toy while Betsy spoke, but she didn't seem to mind. I kept a low profile but I was able to sneak a piece of bacon that fell on the floor from someone. SCORE! I knew I liked the keynote presentation for some reason, I think it was the bacon.
Just before the keynote ended I strolled back to the Natural Balance Pet Food booth for meet and greet photos and pawtagraphs.
I have to admit, I got a little distracted by a massive blue skateboard that I found....
Tillman chews on a massive skateboard in the booth
Rose loves her tennis ball!
While I was busy taking photos with all my new pals at Blog Paws, my lil sister Rose was hanging out playing with a tennis ball. She kept squeaking it and throwing at anyone who she could get to play with her.

Rose perched herself on the bench and was the center of attention for awhile. I think it was her pink tutu that attracted all the attention, don't you? Or is it her cute face? Or that tongue? At any rate she helped entertain people in line while they waited to meet me.

Being a celebrity bulldog, I'm constantly being asked for photos. I don't mind at all, in fact I LOVE IT!  My dad is very protective of me, as well as my sister Rose and brother Sully. He makes sure we don't get too tired or thirsty, etc. Sometimes it means we have to take a break to relax and just play for awhile. Luckily I was able to meet most of the people who waited to see me.
The greatest dad in the world!

Ron really is a cool dude. He's more than my dad, he is my best friend. When we're at home, he takes me to the beach for long walks, to hunt for crabs on the beach, or to surf too.

I could be wrong but I think he actually understands my barks. I bark when I want my skateboard, I bark differently when I want to surf, and of course I have a special bark when I want belly rubs.
Norman the Scooter Dog with his Trading Card
The other cool thing going on today at Blog Paws was that both Norman and I were giving out our collectable trading cards at the Natural Balance booth. If you have not seen them yet, they are sort of like baseball cards, only even more cool. They have a short bio, stats, photos and a QR code to scan with your smart phone, which takes you to a website with links to all our other info. We both have blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and even more cool stuff.

My card even has a link to my very cool Pinterest Account. Did you know I even have a special board for Blog Paws? I hope you can follow my Pinterest board for more updates and photos. If you didn't get one of our Trading Cards yet, here is what they look like. Come to the Natural Balance booth at Blog Paws to get yours, while they last!
Tillman's Collectable Trading Card
Norman the Scooter Dog's Collectable Trading Card

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