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Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Incredible First Day at Blog Paws

Wow what a day Thursday turned out to be for me and the gang. A few years ago, when I first formed the Natural Balance Canine Sports Team, little did I know it would lead to such cool events like Blog Paws. Thanks to Dick Van Patten and Joey Herrick, my sponsors at Natural Balance Pet Foods brought me and the team to Blog Paws to help open the conference with a fun show for everyone.  In addition to me, we have my sister Rose, brother Sully,  and Norman the Scooter Dog too. My Personal Assistant Eric Presnall is here, along with my Dad Ron Davis, and Norman's mom Karen Cobb. Many of you know all these names because we were all on my TV show Who Let the Dogs Out earlier this year. We're in Salt Lake City for Blog Paws but ALSO to film for new episodes of Who Let the Dogs Out, season two (stay tuned for more on that!).
Eric watches as Rose and Sully pop balloons

Our little show to kick off Blog Paws started with a few words by Joey Herrick, President of Natural Balance Pet Foods. As one of the owners, Joey wanted to personally come to Blog Paws to meet everyone and say thanks for being so friendly to us all. First up were Rose and Sully, who ran out of the RV and made a bee-line for the x-pen  which was filled with balloons. They tore into the pen and popped every balloon as fast as they could. They LOVE to pop balloons, and go crazy until they pop off of them. I can't be certain, but I think Rose usually goes for the pink and purple balloons first! But then again she's a girl so I suppose she gets the first pick.

Everyone seemed to love seeing Rose and Sully do their stuff. I was watching from inside my RV enjoying the view of all the Blog Paws people snapping photos and smiling. It was a fun way to start the show.
Norman the Scooter Dog at Blog Paws
Next up was Norman the Scooter Dog and his mom Karen. Norman is a real crowd-pleaser, and quite an athlete too. He LOVES to do tricks for people, and what's awesome is that Norman really enjoys learning NEW tricks too. Anyway, Karen brought out Norman's scooter and right away he jumped on like a person, with one paw on the board and one paw on the ground, kicking off....while both his front paws were on the handle bar of the scooter. He was so pleased with himself as he scooted along to the cheers of the crowd.

If you look closely in this photo, you can even see Sully watching from the window of my RV. He loves to see the crowds being entertained, and he loves Norman too!

Tillman shreds the pavement skating at Blog Paws
Finally, it was my turn so Joey called me out.  My dad Ron opened the door to the RV...he was holding my skateboard....I took one look and I got so excited, I knew it was time to skate. I go nuts whenever I see my skateboard and bark until dad lets me have a run on it. At first, I skated off in another area because I was so pumped, but dad called me back and I went toward the crowd to do my stuff.

I shredded the pavement, making several laps back and forth, which I think made the crowd very happy. It's easy for me, I'm just doing what I love to do.
Tillman smiles for the crowd at Blog Paws
It was a real honor to kick off the Blog Paws conference, and I'm so happy that I was able to get to Salt Lake City for it. Friday I have another TV appearance on a morning news show, but then I'll be back at Blog Paws during the day to do meet and greets with anyone who wants to take a picture with me. Dad makes sure I get plenty of breaks and rest, so if I'm away from the Natural Balance booth when you stop by check back again!

For those of you who are at Blog Paws, I sure hope you enjoyed the show. If you did, tell your friends and followers too. Also, don't forget to follow my special Blog Paws boards on Pinterest too!

See you tomorrow!

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